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Keeping Things Cool - Building with FX 9000 Series Processors

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What do pudding, beer1, and AMD FX™ 9000 series processors have in common? They all need to be adequately cooled before you can really enjoy them.

The AMD FX™ processor delivers the highest clocks and the most cores you can get on an X86 compatible consumer desktop PC.2, 3

The AMD FX 9000 series CPUs run fast; the FX 9590 runs at 5.0GHz and the FX 9370 runs at 4.7 GHz max Turbo Core speeds. Which is why all AMD FX 9000 series processors require liquid cooling.

Installing a liquid cooling solution used to be complex, requiring custom parts and complicated tubing. Fortunately, today things are much easier. There are many affordable, easy-to-use, all-in-one liquid cooling solutions available that are remarkably simple to install. A few examples:

  • Antec Kuhler H20 925
  • Cooler Master Nepton 120XL
  • Corsair H80i Y

Below is an example of an AMD FX 9590 CPU installed with an all-in-one liquid cooler.

FX 9590 Liquid Cooler Install.png

For full instructions on building a PC with an AMD FX 9000 series processor check out our FAQ or our build guide. Also, check out this FX 9590 build guy by our friends at MW Technology or our video of us building an FX 9590 based system. Bottom line. If you want to fully enjoy the 8-core power of an AMD FX 9000 series processor you need to keep it nice and chilly with a liquid CPU cooler.

Are you liquid cooling your processor today? What solution are you using? Let us know below. 

1 Excludes countries where beer is served at room temperature.

2 AMD FX™ 9590 has the highest nominal (4.7 GHz) and turbo (5.0 GHz) clock rates of any x86-compatible desktop CPU. Intel’s fastest CPU, the i7-4790K, has a 4.0 GHz nominal and 4.4 GHz max turbo clock rate. See for competing models. DTV-34

3 Each of the AMD FX™ 8000 and FX™ 9000 Series CPUs have 8 CPU cores, the highest number of CPU cores you can get on an x86-compatible desktop CPU. Intel’s desktop x86 CPU with the highest number of CPU cores is the i7-5960X, which also has 8 CPU cores. See for competing models. DTV-35