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High-quality Advanced Media Framework streaming and recording API now open-sourced

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A major step toward enabling high-quality video streaming and recording, Advanced Media Framework (AMF) 1.3 is now open sourced, providing the structure for high quality video recording and live streaming. AMF 1.3 SDK will enable developers of Radeon™ graphics cards to create GPU-based game capture programs for high-quality multimedia streams on their favorite sites.

What is AMF?

Part of our GPUOpen initiative, the Advanced Media Framework (AMF) is an OS- and framework-agnostic multimedia API that enables developers to leverage the power of AMD hardware for real-time processing of multimedia, and building and accelerating complete multimedia applications.

AMF enables developers to take advantage of AMD Video Engines (VCE and UVD), including comprehensive APIs for video encoding, decoding, pre-processing, and post-processing. Accelerated encoding and decoding through CPU offloading optimizes access to AMD devices by using the CPU, GPU, and hardware accelerators for multimedia processing.


With the AMF 1.3 SDK, developers can create high-performance video editing, transcoding, and playback applications, enable enhanced user experience on highly efficient wireless displays and remote desktops. Succeeding Media SDK 1.1, AMF 1.3 has been updated with many new features, including a H.265 codec that enables higher quality video playback up to 4k UHD — at the same bitrate as H.264.

Open source, the new AMF 1.3 SDK is freely downloadable through GPUOpen, and available for any developer to use. The new no-cost AMF enables developers to easily integrate the SDK into their multimedia applications.

The new AMF 1.3 SDK also includes the runtime in the driver package, reducing maintenance for developers on application updates. Applications which leverage open source AMF 1.3 will create a significantly improved GPU-based game capture program that enables high quality encoding of streaming and recording on Radeon™ GPUs.

At AMD, our GPUOpen initiative is vital to creating and providing powerful tools for developers. AMD constantly strives to support collaborations with companies that share our vision. Please subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our commitment to open source software — and discover how GPUOpen is helping developers create a superior customer experience for all gamers.

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Gurman Singh is a member of Software Marketing at AMD.

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I wish I was more into the development game.  I could have so much fun with all these tools from AMD.