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Bring Your PC with You: Splashtop® Remote Desktop Application Bonus Offer with AMD Radeon™ Rewards

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At AMD, we’re committed to enabling the best possible PC experiences, and today, we’re helping you bring your desktop PC experience with you on-the-go.

Recently, Splashtop® announced that their Splashtop Streamer application is now optimized for select AMD Radeon™ GPUs and APUs, allowing users to stream content, such as games and videos, from  their AMD-powered desktop PCs with super low latency.

Splashtop® Streamer is the ultimate remote desktop application for your PC, allowing you stream your Windows desktop to a variety of mobile devices running Windows, Android and iOS. You can remotely access your AMD-powered desktop PC from your notebook, tablet or phone so you can stay in the zone, virtually whenever and wherever. And of course, when you are connected to the same local area network as your PC, you can stream your favorite PC game to your mobile device and experience high quality graphics.

For a limited time, we are excited to announce a FREE bonus offer for the Splashtop® Remote Desktop Application to activate the configurable shortcuts and virtual joystick  (in-application add-ons). This is being offered as a bonus, opt-in option within the Never Settle Forever program when you purchase an eligible AMD Radeon™ graphics.

With our promo code for the configurable shortcuts and virtual joystick, you’ll enable configurable on-screen shortcuts for Microsoft Office apps, games, media players, browsing, file navigation and more. And with the virtual joystick (e.g. configurable game pad), you can transform your touch-driven tablet or phone into a portable remote gaming machine. This promotion code will also be bundled with select AMD A-Series APUs at a later date. See for more details.

Participants will have access to this service for a period of three months, from the time of activation. After three months, users can continue to continue paying Splashtop for the service, or use the Splashtop® Remote Desktop Application free of charge without the configurable shortcuts and virtual joystick.

We’re excited for this collaboration with Splashtop and hope you are too. Which desktop PC tasks are you most looking forward to bringing with you on-the-go?

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*Originally posted by Stella Lee in AMD Gaming on Mar 24, 2014 3:14:00 PM

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Esteemed Contributor III

I am unable to view AMD Crimson ReLive GUI settings remotely when running the latest version of Splashtop Streamer (Version on Windows 10  and Splashtop Remote Personal Version

As you may see, AMD Crimson ReLive 19.7.1 GUI is somewhat "transparent"


I will open another thread and submit an AMD Reporting Form.