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AMD Ryzen™ 7 Desktop Processors Global Review Round-Up: "Nothing Short of Amazing"

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— Highlights from More Than 300 Reviewers Worldwide Who Received Ryzen 7 Processors —

Yesterday, March 2nd, hardware reviewers worldwide began posting their first reviews of Ryzen 7 1800X. Ryzen 7 CPUs were taken through virtually every conceivable CPU synthetic and real world productivity test or benchmarks, as well as a wide range of games at various resolutions and settings.

Let’s take a look at what independent reviewers had to say from different countries around the world (quote emphasis added by me):

“Based on my analysis of AMD Ryzen, I can confidently say that Ryzen desktop is the real thing and AMD is back in desktops, back with a vengeance.” Forbes - AMD Ryzen Desktop: AMD Said It Would Be Awesome And It Is – Pat Moorhead

“Ryzen is going to rock for some time to come. AMD's new Ryzen CPU family is off to a great start.” Hothardware: Marco Chiapetta

“AMD’s Ryzen 7 1800X is a good chip at a great price and its putting Intel on notice. AMD is back and the 1800X is the first step in the perennial underdog’s plan regain market share from Intel and build confidence in its products.”  SemiAccurate: Thomas Ryan

AMD fans have something to rejoice about, and CPU buyers have some tough decisions to make. Regardless if you are a fan of either camp or an impartial observer, competition is always a good thing for the consumer, so I guess we all win!” Tweaktown

“Consider where AMD was coming from and look at what they have achieved with Ryzen, it’s nothing short of amazing. I’m excited to see AMD delivering competitive high-end CPUs and it’ll be interesting to watch how well they can refine the Zen architecture over the coming years.” Techspot

“The overall performance of the 1800X is breathtakingly impressive, and it’s a feeling that we’ve not seen with an AMD CPU in a very long time.”HardwareZone Malaysia

“To sum it up – Ryzen is Amazing!”Goldfries

“All in, Ryzen 7 solidly puts AMD back into the mindshare of enthusiast PCs. The Zen architecture is definitely much more exciting than Intel's incremental Kaby Lake and proof that AMD is able fight Intel head to head in terms of innovation.”HardwareZone Singapore

“Ryzen is certainly shaping up to be the disruptive force we're all hoping it can bePC Authority

“Holy balls, what have AMD done!”GGFLAN

"One thing is for sure after my first three days with AMD Ryzen 7 1800X: AMD has delivered a beast of a processor. I can't remember a single review in the last few years that has gotten me as excited as this one; this is a serious, fraught, crucial release in the hardware community and this processor is only the beginning." - Tech Testers

“For the first time in AMD’s history, Ryzen will launch with support from all the major PC OEMs (although some units won’t ship until Q2) and 19 of the top extreme PC system builders. In addition there is a myriad of motherboards available in the channel at launch. This should result in high-end desktop PCs in the $2,000 price range or less, something that may entice more consumers to upgrade or future proof with new PC purchases… So, in a very short timeframe, AMD will have a completely reinvented and competitive product portfolio. My colleague Kevin Krewell indicated that things were looking up for AMD, but it appears that there are few limitations to AMD for the first time in a decade.”Forbes - ‘AMD is Reborn With Ryzen’ – Jim McGregor

“It’s easy to recommend an AMD processor, and should you go for an eight-core, there is no doubt  where you should spend your money, especially when you get this performance for half the cash compared to Intel." -

“Given that Intel has never released an 8-core processor under 1000 Euros, AMD just democratized this market segment by launching not one, not two but three such processors, with prices between 1600 and 2500 RON... Ryzen has huge importance and is definitely more than just numbers on a table. We now have a real alternative to Intel platforms and multi-core processing with prices starting from 1600 RON.” - Lab501

“Ryzen 7 as a whole is nothing short of phenomenal, with the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X (AMD’s flagship CPU) absolutely decimating the competition when it comes to price versus performance.”Techradar

AMD has kicked through the front door of Intel’s HEDT processor party and shown no mercy on the 6C12T and 8C16T chips. Retailing for £500 less than an 8C16T Intel chip which performs similarly makes AMD’s Ryzen 7 1800X a relative bargain…”KitGuru

“Price-wise, if the Ryzen 7 1800X is anything to go by, Intel has its work cut out. In many tests, it performed similarly or better than the Core i7-6900K, which is twice the price, even factoring in recent price cuts which seem to be spreading.”Bit-tech

“The processor certainly is fast enough compared to the Intel 59xx / 69xx counterparts. We will keep an eye on this and when we have to report anything about it we'll update this content. And also in closing on this topic, if you are a little GPU bound or use 2560x1440, this really is a non-issue as perf there is top notch.(...) Fact is that AMD might have struck gold with Ryzen, yet they’re charging you a silver price. These processors are pure value.” Guru3D

“This isn't an AMD processor that you have to find the good points of. This isn't an incrementally better one which requires some give and take. This isn't even a processor when you end up saying "it's good but...". There isn't a but. It's just great (...) The Ryzen burns through the fog that has clouded AMD and brought forth a warm glow of blistering performance at competitive prices. The Ryzen 7 1800X is a match for anything Intel has. AMD, it's great to have you back.”

“AMD, welcome back (...) AMD Ryzen 7 1800X is an excellent processor with breathtaking multi-core performance at a great price.”

“AMD has accomplished everything they sought out to do with Ryzen and even broke their own expectations. Intel has already responded to this wave of team-red positivity by lowering the prices on their CPUs and offering multiple coupons to keep people in their court. I don’t see this hurdle stopping Ryzen’s hype train though because this CPU has added something the market has been seeking out for almost six years: innovation. What’s more, this innovation is affordable. $500 isn’t chump change, but comparing these results to a CPU costing double the price makes that difference so much more substantial.” Rated 10/10 – Cole Watson

“Overall we are pretty impressed by what AMD has been able to deliver with Ryzen. Performance per watt, Ryzen is a monster, no doubt about it. The single thread and gaming performance is really the only thing that will give people reservations about it and AMD thinks that it will get better.”  Nate Kirsch

“This platform is impressive already when you look at the overall numbers and it is only going to get better. AMD has officially made it back to the high-end processor market!” Nate Kirsch

“For an immature platform still in its infancy, Summit Ridge and by extension Ryzen is a remarkably well rounded solution and like any fine wine, it will only get better with age. While the 16-thread parts are just now blazing a trail that will ultimately shake the CPU industry’s pricing foundations, they won’t be right for everyone. However, after seeing what the 1800X can accomplish excitement for those six and four core derivatives. But what is clear right now is that Ryzen is indeed the real deal and Intel has been put on notice that AMD is back in the game.” Mike Hoenig

“It’s been a long time coming, but AMD Ryzen is here and it looks impressive. Though we only have the Ryzen 7 1800X in our results today I am eager to get back home and get to testing the 1700X and 1700 models and see if they offer as compelling of an alternative to Intel’s dominance as the 1800X does. For $499 I foresee quite a few enthusiasts plopping down the dough to get an 8-core/16-thread beast of a processor in their rig. It’s hard to argue with what we see today though and I’ll be awarding the Ryzen 7 1800X with our Gold Award, offering the performance of a Core i7-6900K for half the price.” PCPerspective: Ryan Shrout

“Our review of AMD's RYZEN 7 1800X CPU contains a lot of surprises.. And most of them are pretty exciting.. unless your name is Intel..  AMD fans rejoice! AMD is back in a big way Linustechtips: Linus Sebastian

Latin America

In Latin America, key publications in the region gave AMD Ryzen 7 numerous awards, including the ‘Diamond’ seal for 1700X and ‘Gold’ to 1800X from Brazilian Adrenaline and ‘Editor’s Choice’ and ‘Price – Performance’ awards from MadBoxPC in Chile.

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