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Empower modern desktops and workstations in the cloud (Pre-recorded webinar)

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The predominance of remote work we’re seeing now is more than just a reaction to near-term global challenges. It is actually the acceleration of a trend that has been building momentum for years and has been reflected in a multitude of changes in technology and behavior. Stated simply though, it is the idea that organizations need to provide their end-users with the ability to access the essential digital tools they rely on daily, no matter where they are, using an ever-growing assortment of devices, and often while connecting over unpredictable networks. 

With that as a backdrop, AMD, together with partners Citrix and Microsoft, recently hosted a webinar that I think will be of interest to anyone who wants a better understanding of how to deliver secure, highly capable, modern desktop and workstation experiences from the Cloud. Even more exciting may be the realization of just how much is possible today compared to a few years ago. 

This collaboration has special significance as it reflects the intertwining of technologies that, when taken together, delivers for businesses a seamless user experience regardless of location, device and workload.  


Powering modern desktop and workstations from the cloud

With its new AMD-powered NVv4 instances, Microsoft Azure has created the cloud platform needed to support work-from-anywhere flexibility, while also delivering the IT management and security needed to preserve an organization’s integrity. For the first time, it is possible to remotely deliver the computing resources needed by any type of user, whether they require basic desktop for everyday office productivity tasks, the performance of a full professional workstation, or anything in between.

Most modern applications rely on some GPU processing capability to perform their best, so the use of AMD EPYC processors and Radeon Instinct GPUs in NVv4 is important because it enables NVv4 to offer the ability to split GPU and CPU processing to accommodate different workloads, even sharing the capacity of one GPU among multiple users. SR-IOV technology ensures predictable performance for each user, while also ensuring that each VM is physically isolated from the other for further security confidence.

Having Citrix in the mix provides the remoting protocols and tools needed to ensure users enjoy the kind of effortless experience they’d expect from an expensive PC in their company headquarters, even while sitting on the couch in their living room. Citrix is an expert in overcoming challenges such as low bandwidth and high latency remote connections that would otherwise degrade productivity. Combined with mature and robust management tools and controls, Citrix cloud services ensure the utmost flexibility and functionality for IT managers deploying with Azure. 

Check out the webinar to learn more about delivering the seamless remote desktop and workstation experiences needed by today’s business workloads.

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