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Beta builds for Radeon ProRender Blender (Q2)

Beta builds for Radeon ProRender Blender (Q2)

Thank you for all the testers!  We have some exciting changes and are looking to get feedback before releasing.  Here are the main points:


As many of you have asked, our installers are simply a ZIP file.  To load them, open blender, go to the addon preferences and "Install from Zip file", which you point to the zip file of course!

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 9.15.41 AM.png

Volume object support for Blender 2.83

Blender adds a new object type "Volume" which can be used for importing an OpenVDB volume file.

image (4).png

Baking Nodes

For shader nodes that Radeon ProRender cannot translate, or for faster renders with complex materials, we offer a new option:  node baking.  This works by taking a node and converting the node and its inputs into a texture to be used at rendertime.  There are of course a couple of caveats:  If you change the shader after, you need to rebake.  And currently it only works for materials assigned to one object.

This can be used in two ways:  

1.  In the "Quality" section of render settings there is a panel to bake all unknown nodes.

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 9.25.52 AM.png

2.  In the shader editor there is a button to bake "selected nodes"

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 9.27.13 AM.png


  •         Baking nodes.  We added utilities for baking nodes.  This is useful with nodes such as noise texture nodes that RPR does not translate natively.  It is also quite useful with complex node networks so they run faster at render time.  There are two options:
    •  Select an object and material.  In the Shader Editor, select the nodes you wish to bake and press the “Bake Selected Nodes” button.  The nodes will be baked to textures and texture read nodes created.
    • In the render settings press the “Bake all Unknown Nodes” buttons.  All nodes that RPR can not translate will be baked to textures.

Please note, that after changing node setups, they will need to be rebaked

  • Expose GL_Interop setting under “Viewport Sampling” settings.  Users using external GPUs (eGPUs) for viewport rendering may need to disable this.
  • Improved speed of export of Images.  
  • Installers now give simply a zip package.  To install, load the addon through the blender addon preferences menu and point at the zip file.
  • Added support for reading openvdb files via Blender 2.83 “Volume” objects
  • Enable Volume “Temperature” settings on Principled Volume nodes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix errors that are possible when exporting images with complex scenes
  • Using the “Transparent Backgound” option with the denoiser could lead to a black image
  • Number of aperature blades for Depth of Field was applied incorrectly
  • Enabled Transparent Background in the viewport
  • Fixed issues with shadow and reflection catchers:
  • Bug when enabling and disabling while viewport rendering
  • Hairs would not show up on a linked model
  • Fixed Smoke rendering with noise enabled
  • Fixed an issue with curve object with empty materials
  • Registering the plugin and scanning for devices is faster
  • Hair bsdf is now closer to Cycles’ renders
  • Hairs with differing root and tip radius match Cycles better.  Including “closed tip” option





Interesting note that this beta version have drammatically performance boost with first render but in the same time the second render have some low performance (not so much) in comparison with the previous RPR version.

I think we should to introduce a universal RPR blender score scene as basis.

Thank you for the opportunity to test!

"Fixed Smoke rendering with noise enabled" does not seem to take into account the edgy rendering of Blenders inbuilt fluid/smoke simulation, right? Cycles renders the edges of the smoke cloud smoothly while RPR just renders rectangles.

Can you expand on this with numbers or some way we can reproduce this?  With some scene, etc.

Correct.  However I think using the OpenVDB volumes in Blender 2.83 will help

Ok, is fixing the inbuilt smoke rendering of Blender something that will be addressed in the near future with RPR? I guess using OpenVDB inside Blender just makes sense when the models were created in another tool outside of Blender.


I use this scene as an score test: 

It has some mix of RPR & Blender nodes, internal denoise on, some optimization for RPR.

System: mac os 10.15.4, RX5700 XT.

Previous 2.3 PRP version with Blender 2.82a:

1st start render: ~ 13.8 sec

2nd start: ~ 6.60 sec

This Beta 2.3.35 RPR with Blender 2.83 beta:

1st start render: ~ 8.5 sec (wow!)

2nd start: ~ 7.5 sec (a little bit slow)

Thanks for the feedback.  Your scene renders too fast!

Improved speed of export of Images.  I think this change I mentioned above explains the change here.  If you had a lot of internal images packed in the blend file it would be even greater.

Can't give it an exact date but we have it on the roadmap.

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