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Adept II

What is wrong with this picture ?

Something looks wrong here but cant put my finger on it.

Contrast is off and not able to fix it.

UPDATE 3B - 2.png

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Adept I

I don't think there's much wrong.  The metal is just a hint too reflective perhaps, but lighting conditions vary enough that everything else could easily be real.  Few substances produce a clean reflection from more than about 90% of the light that reaches the surface.  Some light is always absorbed; household mirrors, about the most reflective thing most of us ever see regularly, usually reflect between 80% and 85% of the light that strikes them as a visible reflection.  An acquaintance of mine loves the "mirror tunnel" effect of two mirrors facing each other, so she has two mirrors on opposite walls in her hallway.  You can clearly see the hazing and darkening of the reflections as they fade into the distance.

To get what you want I think you need a slight change — reduction — to the reflectivity of the metals  and perhaps an increase in the exposure or the light output to lighten it up a little.  If you want super realism then a subtle bump map on the metal surfaces would add a hint of distortion to the reflections too; even a brand new, freshly polished ring has slight irregularities in the surface.

I hope that's helpful.


Thanks FireAngel,

Will consider your thoughts.


Trying out another scene with the current weekly build or renderer :

Apples .png