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Report on RPR 2.0.85

RYZEN 7 1700x



BLENDER 2.80 daily

WIN 10 pro

Hey Everyone.

In the last days i spent some time in messing around with RPR 2.0.85

I did a few benchmarks with the scene to the appended pictures, rendered with 200 samples with and without ML-Denoiser.

Illumination is done via Sun&Sky feature, the Texture is 4k resolution.

Scene without denoiser (4 Samples per View Update):

GTX 980         37 sec.

VEGA64         22 sec.

VEGA+GTX   22 sec. (as well)

Scene with ML denoiser (4 Samples per View Update):

VEGA64         1:26min        

Scene with ML denoiser (200 Samples per View Update): 

VEGA64         25 sec.

VEGA+GTX   19 sec.

You see, it's really recommended to render with very few or no Viewport Updates - in the above case render time is cut down by 4.5 times!!!

I am not quite sure, why the impact of adding the second GPU (GTX) barely visible in the resulting render times, while it performs quite ok when used as single GPU.

The GTX stopped working as well, when i added area lights and HDRI lighting to the scene, it just rendered a black picture (very quick ). But for Viewport Rendering it still worked.

The ML denoiser seems to work quite fine with mellow illuminated scenes like this one, but it produces some arty and weird blotches when it comes to reflections, bright lights, etc.

But it's way better than the other denoising options shipped with RPR.

Thanks to all of you guys doing a great job with RPR! bsavery




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