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Journeyman III

Xbox ATI GPU tessellation library

Greetings, I am a XNA developer and have been looking for more information on the rarely used tessellation ability on the Xbox 360.  Ultimately I want to combine the tessellation with a displacement map, I'm pretty confident I can achieve this once I find out how to access the tessellation library.  Also not sure if I will have to back up to VS 2008 to get a handle on things or if there is a way to do this in VS 2010.

I found this article which discusses the topic so I figured I would "start here" with questions on how to access the library and get things talking.  I already have my pix for windows setup to debug on the driver itself.  The library seems to be called "ATI GPU tessellation library and D3D9 FX framework."  Any help would be appreciated, is all the info in the above PDF and I should start somewhere with shader tutorials?  I just need some guidance as this is a rarely used feature on the Xbox 360 and I am having a hard time finding info on where to start developing in XNA using it.  I am familiar with how to create the art, now how to implement it 🙂

Thank you for you advise!


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This appears to be a gaming post. Try posting it in the AMD gaming forum here:

Hopefully, you'll get a better response to your gaming questions over there than here in the software developers forum.