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Journeyman III

Working on Video Processing using OpenCl.

Wish to perform video processing using opencv and offload the computation to opencl.

Hi friends,

I am working on Opencl, and wish to develop a project related to video processing. For the video processing part we wish to use opencv libraries(such as, for reading a particular video frame from a given video) and wish to offload the computation part to opencl architecture.

Is such a blend possible.?

If yes, any suitable examples and helpful links shall be highly appreciated.

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Adept I

OpenCL and OpenCV play fine together.

You can use  the acquisition object in OpenCV to grab data from a video frame.

You can access the  data within video files as a void pointer and then, its just like regular host memory. 

You can check out

where data from video frames grabbed with OpenCV is processed in OpenCL


Thaks a lot for your reply.

I would check, if you have any personal experience of working on videos and opencl, do share, so that we may all be benefitted.



Hi Perhaad,

Seems you have some working experience on opencv and opencl.

Can you help me know about a few running codes and some other details for the purpose.

It will be highly helpful.

Thanks in advance.