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Journeyman III

Windows 8 drivers trouble

I upgraded to windows 8 and got this annoying problem with the AMD graphic drivers.

first it required a reinstallation of the card drivers or something like that! which I did through the AMD support link.

then, I keep getting this message every time I restart my PC


I checked the adapter display thingi, and updated the drivers directly from there, and no change.

I did what some suggested by uninstalling the drivers and then restarted and check for updates through windows update, and FOUND NOTHING, no drivers updates from windows update!!

Something else I noticed, with windows 7 I had the option to save power through the graphic switch option , I lost that with windows 8 !! any idea why ?

Anyways, my system infos

Windows 8 X64

Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 350 @2.27GHz

RAM : 8.00GB

Graphic card, ATI mobility Radeon HD 5650 ( I saw those details accidentally while updating the driver! ).

So please any help ?

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The catalyst beta windows 8 driver (released earlier) does not have support for Switchable Graphics notebooks (AMD GPU + Intel Chipset), and that’s the reason the you might be getting this problem. There is a release note to all these drivers:

  • The following notebooks are not compatible with this release:
    • Any notebook launched after this driver release
    • Switchable Graphics enabled notebooks

Probably it is code 43 error. Can you please check and confirm in your device manager if you are observing the same?




Hi Sirish,

Thanks so much for your reply ...

I looked on my device manager, and looked at the display adapter,

not sure what you wish me to confirm exactly, if you could guide me with the steps.

anyways, this is what I got earlier on while trying to resolve the issue, you can see it here from post #60

do check it out and reply me here. I'm in desperate need of help