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Journeyman III

why does GeeXLab demo.bat crash with "Pixel hacking with OpenGL, Vulkan, Direct3D 12, Lua and Python, has stopped working"? on stable windows10 64bit driver?

GLSL Hacker has a tool for learning to program the r7. but already the basic demo fails after some time. not to mention the vulkan code-samples in the code-sample pack. is my hardware broken or is it the stable driver? I have A10-7890K APU, and I really don't know how to test if my hardware is working correctly. what is the recommended driver in that case? seems the driver I have isn't mentioning my apu as compatible hardware, even less the latest unstable driver. does a driver for my hardware actually exist yet?

since GeeXLab is open and free, please check if it works for you and tell me what driver you use. and if you're a programmer, find out what exact features do fail to work, so maybe the demos there can be fixed to work around the problems with the stable driver? I'd really like to know if my APU is fully functional, but unfortunately there exists no os-independent test-programs. or do they exist?

as for games, the old ones usually work. however, I'm unable to start star wars the old republic. maybe same problem?

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