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Journeyman III

When will XDMA compatible motherboards support Libreboot and-or RYF?

The Top 500 super-computer CPU's are being dominated by Intel, and GPU's by Nvidia, now that's gotta hurt.

Binary blobs are a serious hindrance to making super-computers, for instance this thread:
Remove 8 GPU limit on OpenCL driver  talks about a completely arbitrary limit imposed of 8 GPU's by the binary drivers.
At the same time Nvidia hardware has been put on a computer that support 20-GPU's!
International Team Builds 20-GPU Server for Deep Learning | TOP500 Supercomputer Sites

AMD has been doing good work making API's available to make it possible for open source (libreware) developers to make good drivers.
It has shown, as there is a lot of support from developers for AMD hardware precisely because of it.

But that's not enough, there are plenty of limits and optimizations which no team of core developers could possibly account for.

Not only that, look at the future, it's AI over there, everywhere! And what does AI like? OpenCL,
What doesn't it like? Limits and binary-blobs that interfere with optimizing it's hardware.
Sure Nvidia and Intel is full of proprietary nonesense, but you can't be better than them by emulating them!
You can only get better by being different, and the fastest way is by letting the vast multitudes of human and computer minds optimize the code.

Having Libreboot  support and RYF certification,  vertically integrated blob-free stack can make AMD's GPUs worth putting in super-computers,
and also attractive to AGI/AI minds which can massively upgrade the software without fear of Intel's spyware chips, or Nvidia's blobs.
Respect Your Freedoms (RYF) certification can insure that there is a fully libre software stack, safe for super AGI development.

If you don't know what AI I'm talking about sure deep neural networks (deep learning) may be popular now,

mostly because before when it was invented in the 80's there wasn't enough processing power to make it useful, now there is.

but we're reaching a point where another AI invention genetic programming from the 90's,  (which can write computer programs),

will have enough processing power to be useful as an auxiliary computer programmer, with the oncoming GPU hardware.

Anyways so I hope that may have provided some motivation.
Now for my question:

When will XDMA compatible motherboards support Libreboot and-or RYF?

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Journeyman III

I talked to some folks from IBM, they are developing a more open alternative to x86 via the OpenPOWER Foundation,
They told me that they will accept AMD with open arms, so can have AMD's (OpenCL 2.0+) GPUs in these high grade servers and building blocks of super computers.