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Journeyman III

When AMD will develop its UEFI software for its previous and new microprocessors i.e AMD 64Athalon X2 available in Dell Laptops?

Hellow Folks,

I have a Dell inspiron 1721 laptop with AMD 64 Athalon X2 Microprocessor. I want to install UEFI software on it but couldnt install due to lack of AMD 64 Athalon X2 Microprocessor microprocessor drivers support in UEFI software. When the AMD developers team develop their own version of UEFI software with support for all the AMD microprocessors and other hardware?

UEFI is now opensource project with all the development kits and development help files availble on internet. I am giving all the support links below in a hope that soon amd will have their own version of UEFI available on ther website for download with support for Linux, Mac, windows, Android etc

Access to the Specs and Tools | Unified Extensible Firmware Interface Forum UDK2010 - tianocore

Find out more about EDK II | Mailing Lists - tianocore UEFI Driver Writer's Guide - tianocore

Find out more about EDK II | tianocore EDK - tianocore Edk2-buildtools - tianocore

Project UDI

Uniform Driver Interface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia