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Journeyman III

What's the License of OpenCL samples from ATI SDK?

License, ATI SDK, OpenCL

Hi all,

I'm just wondering about the license of opencl sample codes from ATI SDK.

Can they be modified and redistributed?

I feel it's not clear for me although I have read the term of license.

I appreciate your comment.

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Hi honggyu,

You are free to make modifications to and redistribute the sample codes provided you retain the copyright notice that is at the top of the C/C++ and header files so that the original source of these files and the conditions under which they were made available remains available to the recipient.



Thanks for your comment. I have read the following sentences from the term of license.


Redistribution and use of this material is permitted under the following conditions:

Redistributions must retain the above copyright notice and all terms of this license.


But I couldn't find a sentence which describes "free to modify". Could you clarify where I can find this? I appreciate your help.


Hi honggyu,

Took another look through and you are correct, we don't explicitly say "free to modify". However, the guidance I can offer is that, as long as you are modifying and redistributing this for use with OpenCL and not specifically to integrate into a competing product, you should be fine (just include the copyright notice per instructions in the license).

The intent of the license is NOT to prevent leveraging of the sample codes for use in developing apps and examples running on OpenCL (and better yet AMD GPUs). We do want to make sure that the code isn't portrayed as having come from someone/somewhere else.



Hi Micheal,

I think you're working in ATI/AMD, then it seems to be okay according to your comment because I'm considering to redistribute the code for academic purposes.

Thank you