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What ever happened to Open64?

Just a passing curiosity, I can't find anything official that says if Open64 is discontinued or not, but I like the ideas behind it and I would hope that AMD continues to develop that project.

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OpenMP has more or less replaced that and several other "solutions"

OpenMP has been in Visual Studio 2008 and onwards


I'm not sure what you mean, OpenMP is an API, Open64 was/is a compiler.  Interesting that you connect those particular dots though...

and still, no official word from AMD about the discontinuation of a major project?


OpenMP works with C and C++ which has more or less replaced older solutions

A lot of old programming languages ended up being built for .NET framework

C and C++ are systems languages so they are suitable for BIOS and up


I think we're talking about completely different things or you're connecting a dot I'm not quite seeing.  Open64 is a compiler suite developed by AMD.  OpenMP is a multi-threading API developed by a team with no corporate affiliation to AMD...or anyone else that I know of, the OpenMP wiki page makes it seem like it's developed by their own group or something.  To be clear, OpenMP code gets compiled, Open64 is a compiler.  In any event, I'm confused on why you're comparing them because they don't serve the same purpose and I can't imagine how they'd have competed.  Are you saying that while Open64 provided a lot of things in the parallel programming arena, the sheer usefulness of one API over a whole compiler suite was enough to say that one 'replaced' the other?  If so, I'm still surprised that AMD hasn't said anything official about the future of the project.


I know Open64 was a compiler that would take FORTRAN and C++ but it's obsolete

I use Visual Studio which works for Windows projects

F2C is available for dinosaur code

shader model 6 brings waves to the developer to figure out, so in addition to std::thread now wave* calls for DX12