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Journeyman III

What bookset would you recommend?

Newest AMD Developer bookset I've seen is from 2002

Looking for a nice (old school?) HARDCOPY bookset for AMDx64 developers...

Looked high & low and tghe newest set I could find is from 2002.

I'll get it if I have to but it just seems there's SO much that's happened sonce then.

Doesn't HAVE to be the 5 volume AMD set but I am looking for something as comprehensive.

Any thought would help lots!

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Unfortunately, the manuals only live on in electronic form.  I would recommend taking the, now 6 volume set of PDF's, to a place like Kinko's or some kind of book binding service.  They are continously updated with new major architecture changes which is partly why we stopped offering the printed versions. 




Get em!...

Just kinda tricky pouring over them during lunch breaks heh.

I understand things move fast these days.

So if anyone is familiar with the 2002 editions do they even address multi-core? That's pretty much a must, before spending the bucks.


What do you mean "do they address multi-core?" In 2002 AMD had only 32-bit K7-based Athlon/Athlon XP/Athlon MP/Duron CPUs, all of them are single-core. So I think that your 2002 editions hardly address multi-core features.


AVK - Hah! I'm so very glad you can't see me slapping my forehead right now.

I thank you much for the wake-up-call.

devcentral guy - Kinko's was very reasonable. They printed them just the way I wanted: 1/2 size: 5.5 in. by 8.5 in. 2 sided & bound with a cool clippy (no holes no glue) binder thing. The printing for the biggest one (540 pgs) was barely 45 bucks before binding.


Glad to hear it worked out for you!!


I would recommened you not to have books becuase packaging boxes of these books are very thin and soft.You should join internet communities.You will find better result over there.


Thanks for your suggestion




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