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Journeyman III

WES7 and Catalyst Control Center

We're trying to get the Catalyst Control Center working on an embedded machine running Windows Embedded Standard 7.  The motherboard selected for us (we did not have a choice) includes an AMD Radeon HD 6310 and the driver install kit automatically installs the CCC as part of the basic chipset installation.  I've downloaded the latest driver package (dated March 9, 2012) and install it as well, but CCC simply doesn't run.

When clicked, the mouse cursor changes to the arrow/hourglass that is typical while a program is loading.  A short time later (several seconds or so), the mouse cursor reverts to the plain arrow.  That's it.  Nothing else happens.  We've checked the system and application event logs, but there are no new messages.  We've searched for error logs from CCC without success.

Without any information about WHY it doesn't want to run, we have no sensible way to troubleshoot this problem.

We've added so much unnecessary (for our purposes) graphics support and related packages that our install image has gone from 1.1GB to 5.75GB and it seems we STILL don't have enough for CCC to do anything except kill itself.  We've added every single "Graphics and Multimedia" feature package (except "Image Mastering API v2" because we don't have an optical drive and don't need the ability to burn them) and it isn't enough.   At least the "express" driver install now completes successfully -- when we started, some parts failed to install.

We're hoping (praying!) that someone who has resolved this issue can help us out.  Please?

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Journeyman III

Had the same problem, requires .NET 2, 3, and 3.5 to be installed as CCC is a .NET app.