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Adept II

We just released HSA RT as Open Source

I'm pleased to announce that AMD has published the full code of the HSA Runtime library.

The code can be found at:

As I stated in the amdkfd v5 cover letter, this release, coupled with the r600 LLVM back-end, provides a complete userspace Open Source stack/solution for running HSA applications using kernels written in OpenCL C99 on top of amdkfd.

As promised, the git repository also contains an HSA port of the OpenCL MatrixMultiplication application, which can be used to demonstrate how the compiler, stack, libhsakmt and, of course, amdkfd work together. Together with the c file of the application, we have provided the source of the OpenCL kernel and a binary version of that kernel.

There are complete instructions in the git repo on how to build the HSA RT and the HSA application from source. In addition, if someone wishes to compile the OpenCL kernel, there are instructions on how to do it (using the modified r600 LLVM).

If anyone is interested in running the sample HSA application on Kaveri H/W, please take my latest amdkfd-v6 branch and together with the updated Kaveri firmware files.

The amdkfd-v6 branch can be found at:

The firmware can be found at :

Finally, I would like to thank the HSA RT team, the Finalizer team, the Open Source graphics team and last but not least, John Bridgman, for helping with this release.


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