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Watch keynotes and sessions from AMD Fusion Developer Summit

The keynotes and 10 sessions from AFDS12 are available online for anyone to access through AFDS-D (the "D" is for digital).  You have to fill out a short registration form and that's it.  More sessions will be added over time.  If you missed it in person, this is great because not only do you get access to videos of keynotes and sessions, you also get to stay plugged in with the AFDS community so that .  You can also get the AMD AFDS-D app for iphone and android and get all of the content mobile. 

Please note:  You will have to register to access the videos.  Registration is no cost, and more sessions and conent will be added through out the year.

Browser Requirements:

Flash Plug-In
  Your Version 11.3 / Required Version 10.0

Internet Explorer 7.0 / Firefox 12 / Safari 5 / Chrome 19
  Your Browser Internet Explorer 9.0

Screen Resolution
  Your Resolution 1366 x 768 / Minimum Resolution 1024 x 768

Pop-ups Enabled

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