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Journeyman III

Vertex Texture Fetch in r600+ Radeons in GNU/Linux


I have a RadeonHD 3850 card working fine with fglrx driver (Catalyst 8.6) in Linux.

I have an application using texture lookup in vertex shader. The shaders fails with texture2d() function. It works fine without, however.

As I know, vertex texture fetch is supported by all ATI hardware since r600, so I though at first it may be a driver issue.

I queryed GL_MAX_VERTEX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS and it returned 16. As I understand this means the vertex fetch should be supported by the hardware and the driver.

Perhaps I am missing the texture format. I tried GL_LUMINANCE_FLOAT32_ATI, GL_LUMINANCE32F_ARB and GL_RGBA32F_ARB, none of them working.

Is this a driver issue or am I missing something? Has anyone managed to run VTF in linux? If so what driver version?




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