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Adept I

Various socket datasheets ( AM2/3/+ FM2 etc)

Is there some available documetantion about pinout and signalling of available CPU and APU sockets ?

I am toying with the idea of using two or more elcheapo CPUs, connected through HT links just as with Opterons.

I know that Opty has coherent HT links and I am not aiming for that. It would be perfectly nice to have for example multiple FX-8350 chips onboard connected through HT links, each with its own bunch of RAM and with SW taking care so that CPUs don't step over each other's toes.

If I understand correctly, AM3 has several HT links, out of which only one is used in practice, so it should be possible to interconnect two or more CPUs through extra HT link...

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