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Journeyman III

Values on Radeon HD 7520G running less than optimum performance

Hi, my video card is not being utilize completely.

the same thing happened to the HD 7870 on update 13.1 /, and this has been a problem for around two months.

I don't think too many people updated, but it did, and I have restored my computer, looked in BIOS (no options for video card other than memory check and I ran that all night with no results), and no avail.

The 7520G runs at 2gb dedicated memory and clocks at 1600MHz. right now the card is running at 512 dedicated at 800MHz.

The computer is a 2340dx HP Pavilion APU laptop with a 4400M 2.7/3.2(turbo) processor and has 4gb ram.

I installed windows 8.1 and the HP support app gave me the option to update CCC and I did, 3 times after resetting/refreshing/using backup.

I have tried several times to find a version that works with my video card's hardware, and no avail.
The computer is a vision, and the video card is ran on trinity? i looked up if it was utilizing powerxpress and endure, but i couldn't ever find out.


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Journeyman III

HP won't help me because my warranty expired the week i took it out of the box (it's used from amazon), and wanted me to buy a service for 50$ and at 15$ a month to fix my video card... Kind of irked me and I had to hear it from my mother lol

Thanks hope this gets resolved soon




We will pass this to our HW team and see if they can provide an answer to it.



Thank you, it's been a ongoing situation for 2 months now, ever since I bought the laptop.

I tried to contact HP support via Internet and then I was told to call but my warrenty was expired and they wanted 50$ plus 15$ a month to fix it, I live on a very tight budget atm.

the computer was running War Thunder on movie and getting around 35fps, and everything else on high or ultra. ran smooth (fallen earth, world of Warcraft, Neverwinter [not so much for neverwinter and wow though, but they ran a lot better on high), Fallout: New Vegas on maximum setting, that's it. I had reformatted my computer before, but I got no where with that, I remember when I first used an update of Catalyst Control Center it showed 2GB in my 7520G @ 1600MHz, and It ran like it too. didn't consume a lot of battery or anything like that, got the regular 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Thanks for helping


Adept III

what are you even running that you say your video card isn't being utilized fully? Please provide some context of what you're trying to do. You also mentioned you have an HD 7870. Is that installed on the same computer?


I do not have the HD Radeon 7870.

On one update I had for CCC (catalyst control center) it listed in the hardware section that I had 2gb of v ram, and it was clocking at 1600mhz, this is what was said on amazon when I bought the computer actually.

when I first bought the computer and took it out of the box, it ran at 2gb @ 1600mhz, I don't know what else I can say.

After one of the updates, and all of them now, It started listing a backup listing of 512mb @ 800Mhz, which is not what it is, and if anyone tells you different, it is because they were talking to someone having the same problem and thought that was what it was before, but I know I had 2gb of ram because I was running Fallout New Vegas on ultra settings with atleast 23 fps, now it runs medium at 25 fps ever since I updated the CCC and my video card driver. The external mode for HDMI is 512mb at 800mhz, idk why, but for the internal optics, it is 2gb of v ram at 1600mhz

I am very sorry for repeating myself again and again I just feel like you need to know everything.

I think it is because ATI stopped making drivers for the 7520G, and it reverted to 512mb @ 800mhz due to the new CCC not knowing what to put down as far as listings and performance for the driver, and I can't find a update anywhere, not HP updates, not online, anywhere =(.

I do use a flat screen with the computer, and I did hook up the computer to a HDTV before that using HDMI cables, that might also have something to do with it but i really don't know...

I don't know where to get Drivers for the particular video card, I will look again tonight.

And very sorry for taking forever to reply, I've been preoccupied, again sorry.