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Journeyman III

utilizing floatn and 3 dimensional workgroups

i am trying to get an input array of 16 component vectors, i see how to access them in the .cl files but how do i set them up and initialize them in the .c files, and .h headers.

i tried earlier in the week and was unable to initialize them to values, i have a fully program working with multiple input arrays but i need to program an input and output array of 16 component vectors.

if i am working with an array of 128 16 component vectors (float16) how does this affect the dimensions and workgroup,

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utilizing floatn and 3 dimensional workgroups

you can have a look at SDK samples, a lot of samples do exactly what you are looking for. Well the point is you can create a normal float array of size 128*16 and initialize it like a normal C array. You only refer the cl_mem object as float16 at kernel site.

Also workgroup size has nothing to do with size or orientation of the buffer.

You need to specify the dimensions in local work size.