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Adept III

Using AMDGPU-PRO (AMDOCL2) compiler under Mesa3D Clover OpenCL

Hi. I wrote some stuff at end of the year. This is special version of Mesa3D Clover that allow to build OpenCL programs by using AMDGPU-PRO OpenCL compiler (even for RX VEGA). Because, builtin the OpenCL compiler in Clover is enough limited (print errors, it does not support some AMD extensions), it is not eligible to run many OpenCL applications likes cryptominers. Just I embeded special compiler bridge that allow compile an OpenCL code by using AMDOCL2 AMDGPU-PRO compiler.

Thanks that solution I ran xmr-stak GPU miner under Clover and RX VEGA 56 achieve over 1000 H/s (not too much impressive, but good results). Ofcourse xmr-stack needed some small changes in host OpenCL code, but no same OpenCL code .

Some important notes: This feature requires the CLRadeonExtender, a working AMDGPU-PRO driver. It can be used for run some OpenCL programs under Clover OpenCL on a RX VEGA if your hardware can not support PCI-Express 3.0 atomics (for example: a mining station with many graphics card connected via PCIE risers).

Github repository: GitHub - matszpk/mesa3d-comp-bridge: Mesa3D Clover with Compiler's Bridge (AMDOCL2)

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