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Journeyman III

Using a AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series and my output with HDMI is very fuzzy and low definition, any ideas how to fix it?

I've had the computer for 8 months now, maybe a bit longer, and the card runs great. However, when I built the thing, I couldn't figure out why my display was so awful with the HDMI. Since my current monitor, a viore affair, doesnt have the other type of HD connector, I used an adapter and standard VGA. The image was good enough.

Recently,. I've gone back to trying to use HDMI, and its the same blurry image. I've tried every setting that seemed related on both my Graphics Card and my TV/Monitor.

The only other thing I've tried on is my big 46" LG TV and it wont even detect the HDMI output.

Any help is appreciated, as I'd like to use the HD capabilities of my gaming rig.



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