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Journeyman III

Update the driver auto detect

i couldn't find anywhere else to post this but i would love to see the auto detect actually work when i it. there's some changes to the website that the driver auto detect doesnt know where they are because of a small name change. example- i had to format my computer to fix a problem. i downloaded auto detect to make things quicker and had it ready to go. i ran it but it could not find my ati card. i went to the website ( and i plugged in my info for my ati radeon 4600 HD graphics card.its a legacy now but the auto detect doesn't know that and came back with an error code "http 404"  i looked at the file it htought it was and saw the missing key words. it was win8 that it was missing. please fix this or push out a new auto detect program. again i dont know if this is the place to go for this type of comment but i didnt know where else to go

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