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Unreal Engine 4 Lightmass -- any benchmarks with Threadripper 1950x?

Hello everyone,

I use Unreal Engine 4 for architectural visualization, and I'm wondering if anyone here does as well, and has Threadripper 1950x benchmarks.  Lightmass (the UE4 program that calculates lighting) scales really well across multiple CPU cores, and I'm wondering if the 1950x performs really well (better dollar-for-dollar) than the alternatives.  I can't find any benchmarks on Google, except for Puget Systems' Ryzen tests (which may be inaccurate; some Unreal forums members tested and challenged their results).

Example (not my work): Photographer’s Loft. – Real Time 3D Architecture Visualization

UE4 Archviz requires very high quality lighting settings (and therefore hours of rendering) to get results like these.  If Threadripper is great at this, I'd like to know.  If there's any program that makes a $1,000 CPU worth it, it's UE4...!

Thanks in advance.


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