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Journeyman III

this forum is made for what?

Hello, I'm new here and a bit confused. there is an archive forum. now the question is why is there a big forum that looks complete (many categories) and it have many more user than this forum, why is that forum archived?

then to another question. I have been searching for the opcodes for the 8086 processor architecture and upward. (i have found them on other sites but i want something written from AMD) but i cant find them. have amd written any docuemntation or is it only intel which have written some?
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Hello tesuki and welcome, we're glad you joined. The forum archives that you are referring to are from an earlier period of time when we were operating forums on a different system. We have recently relaunched our forums, but recognize that some of the information in the archives are still valuable, so we continue to make them available.

Regarding your question about opcodes, we do have that type of information available:
- The AMD64 Architecture Programmer's Manual covers opcodes, operand, operand sizes, operand addressing, etc. in volumes 1 and 2, and you can find opcode listings for 3DNow!, MMX, x87 fp co-processor, 64-bit considerations, and more in volume 3.
- A Google search for "AMD opcodes" produces the following results:

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you need more information.


AMD Developer Outreach
Journeyman III

thank you, for the fast answer, and sorry for the 46 days late response.
the document where exactly what was needed and are needed took little too long to read though.
thanks again.