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Adept I

Texture memory usage bug in gDEBugger


I have been using gDEBugger a while now, and it seems to me that it sometimes reports wrong size for textures both for OpenGL and OpenCL.

For instance just now I have a texture of dimensions 8192x8192 with GL_RGBA32F, by my calculations it should be more than: 8192*8192*4*4 = 1073741824 bytes = 1 048 576 KB, because there are 12 mimap levels in addition, but gDEBugger reports that it uses 349 526 KB, much lower than the size of the upper level. Is this a bug or is there some magic compression going on here? If it is, will it be fixed any time soon?

Also.. the bug seems to be only on very large 2D and 3D textures. Maybe there is a overflow in the calculations, forgot to use long int maybe?

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Journeyman III


I have the same issue. I'm using the 64 bit linux driver version 12.4 and gDEbugger 6.2.438.0.

I create a Image2D with 1920x1080 with cl::ImageFormat(CL_RGBA,CL_FLOAT). This should take 1920x1080x4x4=33'177'600 bytes. However, gDEbugger tells me that is uses 4,050 KB. This is what the debugger tells me "Image 17, 4,050 KB, 2D, 1920x1080, OS_TEXEL_FORMAT_RGBA, OS_FLOAT, 1"

So why this enormous difference. Does the Image2D map to some kind to texture which is compressed?