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Journeyman III

Steps to take after solving an overheating problem.

I have a quad core AMD FX I was using with the standard heat sink. I started noticing a restarting problem while using Microsoft WebMatrix2 which seems to have some bug inside of it. There was some type of buffer overflow occurring which was using 95% of the processor. It took me a few restarts to figure out what was happening with the processor. Eventually I used Core Temp to take a reading and I was seeing that the temperature was reaching 90 Celsius at which point the MSI Mainboard I use shuts itself down. I went out and bought a new heat sink which is working quite well actually. I was even able to replicate the conditions and monitor the temperature to about 45 Celsius with the RocketFish heat sink I picked up over at my local electronics shop.

So now I am wondering if there may have been any type of damage that would have occurred to the FX as it did reach a temp of 90 Celsius a few times before I was able to figure out what was happening and take steps to install a new cooling system. Is there some diagnostic utility or bench marking tool that anyone can recommend that I can run to see if there are any malfunctions happening with the unit?

Other than the fact that the overheating made me feel most uneasy the FX seems to be working just fine and I'm not able to see anything at all wrong with it so I think at this point I'm going to have to keep it the system.