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Slow video rendering in adobe programs...

A friend of mine, a few months ago, had a low level HP Pavilion (the only plus in the PC was the aftermarket EVGA 260) with which he was trying to be productive with Adobe CS6 programs and Pro Tools. Needless to say it wasn't working. So, I built a desktop (FX-4100 OC 4.2ghz, 8GB HyperX DDR3, SSD, Win7 Ultimate, Liquid cooled, etc..) with a used HIS IceQ 5670 1GB DDR5 card from an older PC I had. The PC cuts through Adobe/Pro Tools etc.. much better, but when rendering the work area and/or a final video in Premier Pro it takes FOREVER! When it is rendering the video I noticed on the CPU/GPU monitors that CPU usage is MAXed out and the GPU clocks are at idle (memory usage is also low 20%+/- ). Is there anyway to set the GPU to do all of that work so that the PC is still usable while the GPU is rendering the video. Also, yes, I do understand the difference between "graphics rendering" and Premier rendering a video. However, I had an EVGA GTX 560 in another PC last year that, in it's control panel, had a permissions option for specific programs to use the 560's GPU for rendering. Not sure which rendering it was referring to but it was an option none-the-less. I looked in Catalyst in the PC I built for him and mine at home to see if there is that option, but I didn't see one. I feel bad for the guy, because he brought the video files and premier file to me to look at and my PC renders the work area in seconds and the final product in 7 minutes +/-   😕   I guess that's the difference between a $700 build (his) and a $5000 build (mine). Any help or suggestions would be helpful...even a "Dude you're crazy, that sh*t won't work". Also, keep in mind a workstation isn't in his budget at the moment.


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Try sending your question to AMD support either by email ( or by phone (

Also, I'll ask around to see if I can find someone who knows the answer & who will post it here. 


The response I got back was: Premiere Pro on Windows doesn’t currently support graphics acceleration(OpenCL) on AMD GPUs

Thanks! I appreciate your diligence.


I had the same problem relative to my GTX 560 in my laptop because I was unable to make use of the programs in the GPU 560 renderings. I too need a solution


I had no problems with my Nvidia/Adobe config and graphics acceleration, the 560 would take some of the load off of the CPU when rendering. Nor do I with my current configuration, just the older 5670 i was speaking of. Your 560's acceleration should be compatible with adobe.

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Forgive the necropost, but whatever happened to this?

I'm going to give it a try and see what happens. I have CS5.5 on my A8-3850 machine.


the plugin looks awesome but the "download here" link looks a little fishy and I don't think I'm going to try it. If AMD has a sponsored link maybe I'll check it out.



well that worked wonderfully

so CS4 gets some beta awesome, CS6 gets some awesome; but CS5.5 gets teh sucks


I think that some of this confusion came from the need to get new versions of plug-ins when we advanced from Premiere Pro CS4 to Premiere Pro CS5. That was necessary because of the move from a 32-bit application to a 64-bit application. There is no such fundamental infrastructure change from Premiere Pro CS5 to Premiere Pro CS5.5.

from here; just excelent; The main issue for me is going from bitmap frames to AVC/VC1 compressed video; rendering not so much, though that would be nice. Surely there is a way to use my APU's or radeon 6670's dedicated transcoding hardware to go from raw frames to compressed video, even if it is not done through adobe's (frankly depreciated, as it is primarily for flash embeded video) encoder.