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Journeyman III

SimpleDX10.exe needs d3dx10_41.dll ?

clueless about d3dx10_41.dll dependency

The APP SDK has me scratching my head A LOT. My OpenCL samples are working up to a point, SimpleDX10 reported that it cannot find d3dx10_41.dll . Fair enough, my fully updated dev environment Win 7-64 has d3dx10_42.dll with a time stamp in 2009, so there is no way a recent update deleted it. Now, I don't know how these dependencies are created in Windows, but presumably it is by code compiled on another machine, not by the .cl I am compiling. Unless DirectX has include files and build scripts that specify DLL versions.

And of course it does bother me that my HD5650 does not attempt to link to some DX11 library. I was lucky enough to find this list, which mentions one DX11 DLL I am lacking, and does not mention the DX10 DLL I do have, I am bamboozled

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Journeyman III

I don't think it is a problem with SimpleDX10 sample.


Please see following link to fix the problem


My friend, this link is too general. Anyway, I know I can get the dll from somewhere, the question is why the newer DLL are not good enough, and how come it is hardcoded



I downloaded the DirectX SDK version 9.29.1962(June 2010).

I was able to find the d3dx10_41.dll inside the redist folder of installation. I tried running SimpleDX10 and it ran at about 250fps.

To check dependency on this dll, I removed it from the installation and ran simpleDX10 again. It still ran with about same fps.

I guess you had a faulty during DX installation. Hope it helps.