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Sharing my GPU setup with public

Hi all,

In my honest opinion, most High-end GPGPU capable machines sit idle for a considerable time.

I recently transformed my old laptop, hosting a HD5870M into a GPGPU server, which can be accessed by anyone interested in learning, teaching, innovating, developing and testing their GPGPU programs. The service is free to all. So now you can checkout your favorite gpgpu project and work on it without needing a dedicated opencl compatible device. Check out the post at OpenCL at Home | HPC@Home for more information about the service.

Some of the usecases for this service are:

1. Students can use this service, to learn OpenCL Programming

2. Engineers can use the service to checkout their code, develop new features, test the features and check-in their code.

3. A group of servers of this type, can be used by gpgpu application developers to test their applications on different devices, without having to spend on infrastructure.

4. Companies not using gpgpu currently and skeptical of the gains gpgpu can bring to their application, can benchmark their applications on various devices, and better decide the most appropriate device for their needs.

Please share your thoughts on this service. Also contact me if you are interested in sharing your machines in a similar way. Post below or send an email at

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