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Journeyman III

Sending contents of frame buffer for dummy display out to a remote display?

I am researching a project and I am trying to figure out if what I want to do is even possible.

First, is it possible to trick a gpu into thinking there is a display attached to it so that it fills up a frame buffer for this dummy display?

Then, is it possible to access this frame buffer and send its contents to a remote display?

My project would connect two PCs via USB 3.0 crossover cable and transmit the frame buffer of one computer to the other via USB. I know this in itself is not supported on any OS and I will need to write a custom USB host stack, but theoretically there is enough bandwidth to transmit full HD (with no compression) from say a desktop PC to a tablet PC in this fashion. The idea would be to use a tablet PC as a second display, and, more importantly, use the touchscreen and digitizer with the desktop PC to take full advantage of the tablet's Cintiq-like capabilities with the power of a desktop.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Basically, the software would function similarly to Microsoft's RemoteFX. I will need to use USB redirection for the Wacom digitizer and I will need to create a virtual display adapter to transmit the graphics rendered by my GPU. What's particularly interesting about RemoteFX is that it has the GPU do the actual rendering, whereas I am unsure other virtual/remote desktop software does this. Clearly I am at the very early stages of my research and need whatever help I can get. Perhaps there is a less convoluted way of doing what I want.

Thanks in advance.

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