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Journeyman III

sdi-link sdk

Hi All,

does anyone know where i can find the SDI-LINK SDK?

Best regards,

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the SDK is not publicly available.A tech brief is available on the following web site:

As described in the tech brief we provide DirectGMA as bas technology for peer to peer data transfers between 3rd party SDI devices and FirePro GPUs. To stream videos from SDI to a GPU and vice versa you will need to use the AMD DirectGMA and the 3rd party SDI SDK. Most of the SDI vendors supporting DirectGMA have some sample code included in their SDKs.

Do you want to use SDI Link with OpenGL?

Do you have a direct contact at AMD who you can contact to get access to more documentation?


Journeyman III

Hi Chris,

I only found a sample code using SDI-LINK in the Bluefish444 SDK. (cf Bluefish Technologies - Application Notes 26 June 2012). But it seems that only the FirePro V7900 SDI is supported.
Currently, I use a FirePro W7000 (OpenGL and OpenCL) and 2 DeckLink HD Extreme 3D+ and I get 6 frames delay between Live and Output (3 frames In + 3 frames Out)

BlackMagic Design does not provide any example for using DirectGMA with the DeckLink board. It seems that BMD does not support this technology.

I am very interested in finding a very low latency HD-SDI hardware compatible with AMD graphic boards.

Which HD-SDI card manufacturer support AMD SDI-LINK?

Do all FirePro cards support DirectDMA?




Hi Stephane,

DirectGMA is available on all FirePro boards of the W Series starting with the W5000. Currently this technology is supported by AJA, BlueFish and DataPath.


Journeyman III

I have a V7900SDI here and Blackmagic and i want to use OpenGL. I had a look at the Blackmagic samples, they used GL_AMD_pinned_memory, is this the same as DirectGMA?

Just to be sure, i had a look at the SDI-Link page over at AMD before i bought that V7900SDI, and they state that Blackmagic is among the "SDI-Link Technology Partners". Have a look yourself: It confuses me a little bit to find out that an 'SDK is not publicly available' and 'DirectGMA [...] is supported by AJA, BlueFish and DataPath'. Can you please help me and others to read your websites correctly?

The tech brief mentioned before states:

The four key components of AMD FirePro SDI

- AMD DirectGMA technology

- A software development kit (SDK), with access to AMD’s engineering support team

- Support from 3rdparty SDI I/O board vendors and certification for their products

- Supported AMD FirePro professional graphics cards, starting with the AMD FirePro™ V7900


pinned memory is one of the mechanism for DirectGMA, since it allows direct communication using host memory.

there is additional functionality where the two PCIE devices can directly connect to each other memory without going through the host too.

this second part is limited to FirePro cards.

Pierre B.