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Journeyman III

Screen resolution problem

Hi guys. I bought this 6870 replacing my old card. Everything works perfectly and I'm satisfied with it.

Firstly I installed the card, and then the driver. I didn't install the driver manually, but via Windows Update. But as long it works, I'm loving it.

So I set my screen resolution to 1600x1050, that's the maximum resolution my monitor can go(I'm using BenQ 2200 22" LCD).

Until recently I installed a game which require me to update my display driver, so I went here and download it. Everything works fine, successful installation...until my next PC restart. My resolution changed by itself to 1680x1050, and because of that my screen out-stretched, barely able to see the Windows bar below.

So I check the resolution panel, but the 1600x1050 resolution is nowhere to be found. Then I checked the resolution at AMD Vision Engine CC, Desktop Management also no 1600x1050.

Perhaps this driver doesn't include 1600x1050 resolution? How should I fix this?

Thanks in advance.

- I'm using Windows7 64bit.

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