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Journeyman III

sampler2DShadow not supported in compute shaders?

I have been running into a problem, using the 14.12-2 driver version. I am on Arch Linux with a R9 270X.

When trying to compile a compute shader with a sampler2DShadow my program segfaults.

Reproducable code:

GLuint willSegFault = glCreateShader( GL_COMPUTE_SHADER );

//GLuint willSegFault = glCreateShader( GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER ); // Works

const char* shd = "\

layout(local_size_x = 16, local_size_y = 16) in;\

uniform sampler2DShadow gShadowMap;\

void main()\


float notworking = texture(gShadowMap, vec3(0.5));\



glShaderSource(willSegFault, 1,&shd, NULL);

glCompileShader(willSegFault); // Segfaults here

So is it an extension missing, simply not supported or a driver bug?

I have some bugs to report besides this, where is the best place to report them?

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Re: sampler2DShadow not supported in compute shaders?


If you suspect the bug is in an AMD driver, information about how to report them is on the home page of the forum. "If you have a reproducible case, you can file a defect report at"

If you think the bug is in an AMD compiler or tool, you can report them here in the appropriate forum. I will make sure the report is seen. I can't guarantee how it will be prioritized, obviously.