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Journeyman III

Running a GEForce 740 and an A10-7800 at the same time

These questions may seem very fundamental to many of you.  If you ask yourself "Can he really be asking such basic questions?", the answer is yes!

I recently assembled a Linux desktop using an A10-7800 and a GeForce GT 740 card.  The whole point of this machine is to give me a testbed for learning more about GPGPU programming.  My starting point in this effort was ground-zero... I have no experience with installing video-card drivers.  At work, I write OpenCL code for a system that uses multiple Tesla cards but others were responsible for configuring that box so I don't know what magic was involved in setting it up.

After some trial and error, I got it working with the NVidia card driving the display.  I am able to write OpenCL and Cuda code that execute on the NVidia card with no problem.  Now I would like to enable OpenCL on the GPU cores built-in to the A10.  My google searches haven't really pointed to a direct "Here's how you do it" answer though at least one site seemed to say it was possible. The one article I saw that seemed kind of close was geared toward using the APU for driving the display.  I don't think that is what I want to do but feel free to poke holes in that opinion. 

With all the background out of the way, here are my questions:

1) First, given that my primary goal is to write OpenCL code, would I be better off using the A10 to drive the display or to leave it as-is, with the 740 driving it?

2) Since the X-Server is using the 740, does that imply that some of the memory on that card is unavailable for my OpenCL code?  (Yeah, this is a pretty basic question.  I know.)

3) Very basic terminology question - I'm ignorant about what Catalyst is used for.  Is that the display driver?  Is it needed if I simply want to write OpenCL code that runs on the APU?

4) Is it even possible to configure this system in a way that it looks like two GPGPUs are present at the same time? 

Hopefully this all makes sense.  I appreciate any help you can provide.

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