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Journeyman III

ROCm vector_copy sample hangs


I followed the directions at ROCm Install​  on a machine running a fresh Ubuntu server 16.04 64-bit install (headless, no graphical desktop). I have a R9 Nano in the machine. I rebooted into the 4.4.0-kfd-compute-rocm-rel-1.2-31 kernel, then tried to compile and run the vector_copy sample:

$ cd /opt/rocm/hsa/sample
$ make
$ ./vector_copy
Initializing the hsa runtime succeeded.
Checking finalizer 1.0 extension support succeeded.
Generating function table for finalizer succeeded.
Getting a gpu agent succeeded.
Querying the agent name succeeded.
The agent name is Fiji.
Querying the agent maximum queue size succeeded.
The maximum queue size is 131072.
Creating the queue succeeded.
"Obtaining machine model" succeeded.
"Getting agent profile" succeeded.
Create the program succeeded.
Adding the brig module to the program succeeded.
Query the agents isa succeeded.
Finalizing the program succeeded.
Destroying the program succeeded.
Create the executable succeeded.
Loading the code object succeeded.

It hangs there for multiple minutes using 100% CPU. I try Control-C multiple times eventually the process is killed. And I see this error in dmesg:

[  253.260002] kfd: qcm fence wait loop timeout expired 
[  253.260025] kfd: unmapping queues failed.
[  253.260040] kfd: the cp might be in an unrecoverable state due to an unsuccessful queues preemption

Why does vector_copy not run? I should point out this machine has a CPU without PCIe Gen3 atomics. It's a 2008-era Core 2 Duo E8400, on a mobo with Intel P31 chipset. (Don't ask why it is so old—it's just a spare CPU & mobo I had laying around for a quick test ) Is the lack of atomics causing this problem? Are atomics really required for other technically simpler uses, like compiling and running GCN ISA assembly code?

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Big Boss

Hi Marc,

Please use the link below to post your feedback or any support request about ROCm.

Issues · RadeonOpenCompute/ROCm · GitHub

P.S. You have been whitelisted.



Thanks for whitelisting me. And, ok, I'll file an issue on GitHub.