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Request for Blender CUDA port on AMD

Hi, there has been port for AMD card running CUDA in Octane render.

I would like support for CUDA through the AMD driver in Blender app.

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Adept III

How do you expect anyone to take this post seriously, when you quote and article that involved reverse-engineering Nvidia's tech? AFAIK no responsible larger company would undertake that feat. Secondly, why does everyone keep petitioning AMD to add support for proprietary technology. If Blender choose to use CUDA instead of OpenCL ( which may be broken on AMD platform, but thats another story ), thats a conscious decision they made to use Nvidia proprietary tech ( only they know the reasons for doing so ). So the petition should be for Blender to support OpenCL and if AMD OpenCL support is broken then Blender should call out AMD on this, or petition Nvidia to support open standards instead of keep doing the CUDA road..</end rant>


Blender does support OpenCL. In fact, AMD made a huge effort to fix the blender opencl kernels so they would function correctly.

There was a years-long thread on blender on this forum.


But still AMD cards stand behind because GPU can't render HDRI images and volume shaders on OpenCl.

This could provide useful computation and quick fix for GPU  rendering while OpenCl is fully supported .

Of course, as long is official and does not break any IP.

I think he didn't break any rules; he only ported CUDA to openCL.

Well, I don't know exactly how he did it.


I don't think it that radical as they said in the link. It could be written as some extension libraries and officially support CUDA.


There is also the HIP cross compiler:

It runs CUDA code on AMD cards.

I didn't know this exists. Could you run Blender CUDA computation on AMD card with this?


I think you would need to port all of the CUDA kernels using the HIP compiler.  A lot of work !