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Journeyman III

RenderMonkey SDK help (moving models/projection assistance)

Any help anyone could provide is greatly appreciated. I am very much confused....

What is the proper way to move model objects in RenderMonkey? I have a model made up of several other models that i imported using a custom importer i wrote. however all the models are at 0,0,0. I've tried modifying the GetLocalTM() and that doesn't seem to effect the display it does seem to effect the bounding box however.  It seems the only thing that does work is TransformVertices() but is that really what i want to do?

also in the Vertex Shader does the GetLocalTM() map to any vertex shader variable? gl_ModelViewMatrix or other?

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Since RenderMonkey was intended for developing shaders for a single model, I believe the models automatically get centered when they are loaded. However, since you wrote a custom importer, I'm not certain of what path your models will go through. I think that TransformVertices() is the right approach, or using a vertex shader to move the models to the right locations (and you can use adjustable parameters so that you can tweak the locations if you wanted to).



thanks for the reply. i ended up transforming them in the vertex shader.