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Journeyman III

RenderMonkey max Textures/Texture Objects

Odd behaviour when exceeding 8 in a single pass

Does RenderMonkey support the use of 8+ textures in a single pass?

My GLSL shader works fine in my application, but textures become swapped around in the Rendermonkey preview window.

There is no references to this in the documentation that I can find.

Behaviour occurs on the 9th call to texture2D(). Passing in an unreferrenced uniform sampler2D doesn't cause a problem. (I assume because the compiler optimises it away).

Thanks in advance for any comments

2 Replies

RenderMonkey does not impose any limitations, so it should work. I'm surprised to hear that it isn't. Does the issue happen when you use more than 8 textures, or when you sample from a texture more than 8 times?

Does it happen if you edit one of the samples to use more than 8 textures? or does it seem specific to the effect that you've created? If it is specific to your effect, please send your effect to so that we can investigate further.


Thanks for your reply.

I am sampling each texture only once. I'll have to play around a bit to answer your other querries.

Textures are also appear to be mis-matched when you sample from a texture, but do not refer to that sampling.

uniform sampler2D colourMap;
vec3 map= texture2D(colourMap, ...
//no further referrences to map

This caused "colourMap" to replace the sampler directly above it.