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Journeyman III

Rendermonkey collada support


I've got several questions regarding collada support in rendermonkey 1.82.

1. When exporting a OpenGL GLSL effect containing a cube map initialized from a single DDS image this cube map is converted to 6 tga files (one for every cube face). What's the reason for this? Doing the same for a 3D texture keeps the single DDS file. I planned to implement a very simple texture loader that just reads DDS files and this behaviour really gets in the way.


2. When exporting a GLSL effect containing several passes to a collada file all effect parameters (except samplers) get kind of duplicated. For every parameter a <newparam> collada fx element is created per pass. For example if there is a parameter "fvDiffuse" in RenderMonkey in an effect with two passes the exported collada file will contain these two <newparam> elemets: "fvDiffuse_E0_P0", "fvDiffuse_E0_P1". As far as I can see the whole point of having parameters at effect scope is that they are shared by several passes. So it makes no sense to me to split them up again when exporting to collada.


3. The "COLLADA documentation" mentions collada 1.5 support but it seems it's not present in 1.82. I can only find support for collada 1.4.1. Will there be collada 1.5 support in the future?


4. What's the roadmap for Rendermonkey in general and especially regarding collada FX support for GLSL? Is it still actively developed? There are really not very many tools that are able to create Collada Fx files with a GLSL profile ...





2 Replies

1)      We wrote it this way to work with the OpenGL standalone renderer we were working with.

2)      This was probably due to the separation of passes within RM (each pass is treated independently).

3)      The COLLADA 1.5 support  was never 100% completed – however, we mistakenly released the wrong COLLADA Release notes. 

4)      There is no plan to continue developing RenderMonkey at the moment.


Thanks for your reply. It's sad to hear though development of RM stopped. I guess there is no chance to make it open source?