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Radeon and GeForce together under Linux

Is it possible to hook up a Radeon card [a 7970GE in my case] just as a compute device together with a GeForce [e.g. GTX750Ti] which drives the display under Fedora 20?

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Yes, you can do this.

We have such machine with Radeon HD 7970 (Tahiti) and GeForce GTX 560 Ti under OpenSUSE 12.2.

Monitor is connected to Tahiti.

Drivers are installed as follows.

{init 3; su}

> ./ {install nVidia driver; when the driver suggests to use nVidia for X, answer "no"}

> reboot

{init 3; su}

> ./ --force {install AMD prop. driver}

> reboot

After this X start.

After installing SDKs both cards can perform computations.

Do you think it's also possible to use X with the nVidia card instead of the AMD one?

So far all the reports I read are about using the AMD card to connect to the monitor.


I think, no.

You can start X in this case, but cannot use AMD card for computations. It isn't seen as OpenCL compatible device. For AMD cards OpenCL requires X running under fglrx {ATI prop.} driver. At the same time nVidia card can perform computations without X, even in init 3 level.

That's too bad, I was hoping to use a NV card for OpenGL and an AMD card for OpenCL computations. Now I realize that the AMD cards are useless without X. Is that an OpenCL or an AMD limitation?



I'm sorry for long absence of answer.

I think, this is the features of driver's work (see

But this problem seems to can be solved with starting second X-session on the AMD card.

Now I am trying to realize such two-X-sessions start on my laptop (muxless AMD/Intel system). I hope to obtain properly working discrete card in this way. For me it does not matter, which card drives graphics, but I want to run OpenCL applications on the ATI card. In case of success I will report.