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Journeyman III

quad display support

badly needed

i currently have 4 computers, each with a dual output ATI card, with each output of each card connected to 2 monitors through 2 separate 4-port VGA Switch boxes, allowing me to use one or both monitors on any of the 4 computers.

i would like to set up a 4 monitor system by adding one dual display output ati card to each computer, but i am quite worroed that your software won't be able to do things like clone 4 displays, or extend on all 4, or somehow be unable to bridge both cards seamlessly, which i would then connect each of the 4 outputs of each computer to one each of 4 separate 4-port high-res VGA Switch boxes

you also dont make 4-port output ati cards.

can u get your drivers up to speed?

also, im having  a hard time getting the clone function to work properly on different sizes of monitors, with 24" as primary and 22" as secondary, the secondary display is all mashed up and is practically unreadble.

can that be fixed?


I use my monitors on a custom built table between 2 sofas, the 2 monitors (and hopefully someday 4) are seated on swivels (the other 2 would be on swinging armatures above the two on the table)

if i have a friend come over, we play seated on opposite sofas and turn one monitor around and play games that way.

if we play online or lan games together, i switch a vga port and turn on another computer and we play together online.

if we play a fighting game such as Street Fighter 4, i would like to have it on clone display so we can play while sitting on opposite sofas using 2 arcade stick controllers plugged into one computer,

so i would like a clone display toggle to/from extended desktop mode via a hotkey shortcut.

please get clone displays to work properly at native resolutions on 2 monitors of different resolutions

it works fine for movies, maybe you can use a similar technology as 'theater mode" to fit cloned screens, possibly a clone emulator which is actually not an exact clone but a projected fullscreen version of another monitor

the 4 monitor solution requires 4 output ports from each computer.

if i put each of the four outputs of each computer to a different VGA switch (not a splitter) so that I can choose to turn on or off which monitors for which computers. then i'd use 4 keyboards and 4 mice though i have the option for only one, and this so i can pass them alont to friends who come over,

 4 friends = 4 computers each with 4 single monitors

3 people = 3 computers running one dual dsplay and 2 single displays

2 people = 2 computers each with double display or one single and one triple

and one person could use one or up to all 4 monitors in extended desktop mode from one computer, or switch between computers for high-level multi-tasking

i currently just use 2 monitors, and i am very unhappy with the clone feature and lack of a hotkey for clone/extended switch

if you wanted to create a useful piece of external AMD hardware, i suggest a 16-port input, 4-port output, high-resolution, kvm switch with 16 buttons on the front  or a 4x4combination button/switch setup to match computers with monitors,(each computer gets 4 buttons and clicking all 4 on one computer would deselect the other 3 computers combined 12 buttons) with 10 usb ports (8 for individual mouse/keyboard and 2 for master mouse/keyboard) and 4 additional "vga splitter" buttons to split  instead of switch for the cloning function

and then build your catalyst driver and control panel to utilize 4 output ports per computer, as a standard feature, and maybe even have a digital emulator of the kvm switch accessible from the OS, also with the option to manually switch buttons

the only catch to all of this is that the proper monitors must be selected prior to each computers boot, and held on the computer until the OS loads all the drivers before it can be switched, it would be nice if your piece of hardware found away to circumvent that so that they could all be turned on simultaneously

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thanks, Merry Christmas



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