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Journeyman III

Quad Buffer in D3D9Ex vs PresentStats


We have tried to implement steroscopic rendering in d3d9Ex, but seems it cannot work together with Ex's present stats:

- QuadBuffer's PDF says d3dPresentParams.MultiSampleType must be 2 and more (otherwise driver/hardware hangs can occur)

- d3dPresentParams.MultiSampleType works only with D3DSWAPEFFECT_DISCARD

- D3DSWAPEFFECT_FLIPEX is required to be able to get PresentStats in windowed mode

PresentStats are essential because of frame-accurate video rendering

Also, it seems to be impossible to display stereoscopic content in window on AMD/ATI cards. I've been thinking that then maybe the stereo can be disabled when switching to windowed mode, but seems that even after multiple d3dDev->reset() the driver remembers the 'stereo enabled' flag, and there is no ATI_STEREO_DISABLESTEREO, is there?

Can anybody suggest any workaround?

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