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Journeyman III

Problems using image2d_t as a kernel arg

It doesn't seem to be possible to use image2d_t as a kernel argument.  I get this error whenever I added a texture to the kernel arguments:

error: kernel must return void; pointer argument must point to addrSpace global, local, or constant

I tried adding a local, global, constant modifer, but it makes no difference (is that a legal thing to do anyway ? I was assuming not)

Additionally the modifiers read_only (or __read_only) cause compile errors.

This is under Windows XP 32-bit and Beta-3.




2 Replies

griffin, you must query the capabilities of the OpenCL device to know if images are supported before compiling a program that contains images.

Ah I see, CL_DEVICE_IMAGE_SUPPORT is indeed false.   Will this likely be the case for the forseeable future ?  Or is image support something you're hoping to add soon ?