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Journeyman III

Problem with my Video Card

Hey, i'm new with GPU technology. I was following some blogs that i found in google. My problem is "how to getting started with GPU", i'm with my card in hands now and i need to install all packages to start programming with OpenCL, so, how? i got the drivers for my VGA and installed it, i got ati-stream-sdk-v2.2-vista-win7-64 and installed it and i got a package (GPU_Caps_Viewer_v1.8.0) to see the benefits and descriptions of my card and with this program it´s possible to run an example with a "video movie" to know if your GPU is working well. So, mine can´t. I got some problems here and i dunno how i install my card step by step to start programming in OpenCL. Somebody can helpme? I was looking for use Ubuntu 10.04, but it´s disturbing me to install the drivers, update and the sdk and i don´t know why, so i thought to use Windows 7 64 bits but i dunno if it supports or if i can program in Windows. So, what i have to do? Anybody can helpme step by step to i get my problems resolved?

I'm using a ATI Radeon Hd 5830.



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