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Journeyman III

Problem in running an OpenCL code ...... further to previous question

Thanks for your reply (weinju and Binyung ) regarding my question on running EigenValue code. Thanks also for your suggestion. Now I get only a few errors. I tried to solve it for a number of days without disturbing you. But unfortunately I couldn't. Here are the errors I received. All the errors relate to newly added "genBinaryImage" function. Could you please suggest me a way to solve this?



EigenValue.cpp: In member function ‘virtual int EigenValue::genBinaryImage()’:

EigenValue.cpp:103: error: ‘bifData’ is not a member of ‘streamsdk’

EigenValue.cpp:103: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘binaryData’

EigenValue.cpp:105: error: ‘binaryData’ was not declared in this scope

EigenValue.cpp:109: error: ‘isComplierFlagsSpecified’ was not declared in this scope

EigenValue.cpp:111: error: ‘flags’ was not declared in this scope

EigenValue.cpp:119: error: ‘class streamsdk::SDKCommon’ has no member named ‘generateBinaryImage’

EigenValue.cpp:122: error: ‘CHECK_ERROR’ was not declared in this scope

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You must have installed AMD SDK, right? 1, find the root:..\AMD APP\samples\opencl\cpp_cl\app\EigenValue. 2, copy this sample to  ..\AMD APP\samples\opencl\cl\app\EigenValue. 3, replace the .cpp, .hpp and .cl files using your files(you supplied us the link last time). 4, build and run it. Maybe you will also meet some bugs, solve them by yourself.